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Energy Training Week of IEA

Here’s the update!

I went to Paris, France early this month (4-8 April 2011), attended the training that held by International Energy Agency (IEA). This is my 3rd time to participate in the courses/trainings that held by IEA, after Emergency Respond Training for APEC Economies in September 2010 and Emergency Respond Exercise 5 (ERE5) in November 2011.

As the new comer in the energy policy field, trainings or courses are the thing that I need most, especially when the opportunity comes from the biggest international organization in the energy field. Not much people get the chances like me, right? 

IEA is an autonomous organisation affiliated to the OECD, formed in the wake of the 1973 oil embargo with a mission to promote Member country energy security. IEA works with the scheme of the 3 ‘E’s of sound energy policy; Energy security, Economic growth, and Environmental protection. But now they have the fourth ‘E’; Engagement worldwide.

The best thing of attending the course of IEA is, not only learn from the IEA experts who has the world class experiences in energy field, but I also can build a network with the energy policy and experts who come as the participants like me from around the world like Chili, South Africa, Mexico, or even the European countries itself.

The training that I attended last two weeks is Energy Training Week program, called ETW. There’re 5 parallel courses during the week, and I was selected to join the course 1: Energy Essential for Decision Makers. The course discussed everything about energy policy such as, among others; Energy Efficiency Policy, Technology Roadmaps, Energy Modelling, Oil and Gas Markets, Renewable Energy, Energy Outlook. Yes, the broad covered topic is enough to give me one week headache. But, like I told you before, not much people get the chance like me so I just enjoyed it.

You may check the complete information here. It’s for free actually.

And, you know what? IEA quoted my comments about this training on their official website. Read here. ;-)

Woho, the famous me. Another best thing is I got my first certificate signed by Mr. Nobuo Tanaka, IEA Executive Director (only few of participants get this, hoho).

Here the picture of our photo session in BierHakim brigde. Can you find me?

Anyway, I would like to thank Asian Development Bank, Southeast Asia Department for sponsored me to attend the ETW.

Now, I have to write the report for ADB.

Just email me if you want some slides from the training.

Update: 18 April 2011 – Some additional pictures during my time in Paris. :-)

In the Room A of IEA, during the welcome session

With the participants from Indonesia

The best thing about the training is to see Eiffel Tower (ahahaha)

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