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Fukushima Report : No.2

As the follow-up of the previous report, here I share you the Fukushima Report : No.2 as I received from Japanese WEC Members (per 30 May 2011).

Details of Current Situation of Accident at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station and its Impact
1. Circumstances in and around the nuclear power station
* Tough road to secure a stable cooling condition of reactors
*Stagnant water with high levels of radioactivity

2. Circumstances around the nuclear power station
* Evacuees
* Radiation monitoring

3. Prime Minister’s request for shutdown of Chubu Electric Power’s Hamaoka Nuclear Power
Station and resulting shutdown

4. Adoption of a new framework of support for compensation for damage caused by Fukushima
nuclear accident
*Government newly adopted framework of support for compensation
*No ceiling or expiry date set for compensation to be paid by TEPCO

You may download Fukushima Report No. 2 to gain complete information.

I will keep you update, if any.

Importance of Energy Data and Statistics

How can wise decisions be made on how energy is consumed if there is no data to back up those decisions?

Energy statistics and consumption data are of paramount importance. Energy consumption statistics and indicators allow for monitoring and analysis of energy consumption trends. Energy statistic would be useful to government energy agencies, analysts, oil companies, traders provides a strategic importance in the dissemination of up-to-date and relevant information on the current energy situation.

Statistics, data, analysis on resources, supply, and production of energy sources are usually available from national energy administrations, as well as from international bodies. Ideally statistical data covers origins, uses and supply of all sources and carriers of energy, as well as transfers and transformations. When it comes to energy consumption statistics – consumption of energy by end-use sector and especially by end-use application – data can be patchy, hard to obtain and compare among others due to different definitions and coverage of end-use sectors across countries.

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Emergency Response Exercise for ASEAN/APEC Economies

Short report!

On 2 and 3 May 2011, International Energy Agency in collaboration with Ministry of Energy of Thailand organized the Emergency Response Exercise (ERE) for ASEAN and APEC Economies in Bangkok, Thailand. This is the second activity following the great success of the Emergency Response Training (ERT) for APEC which was held in Paris last September. If ERT was focused on the lecturer, ERE reviewed APEC Economies/ASEAN Members emergency response procedures in case of a serious disruption of oil and gas. It consists of a training session on the first day and simulation exercises on the second day.

The IEA itself conducts emergency response exercises at IEA headquarters, Paris, for IEA Member countries biannually. The purpose of IEA energy emergency response exercises is to simulate real-life energy supply disruptions to test IEA emergency response preparedness to manage supply crises.  At the last IEA ERE in November 2011, key non-IEA countries jointly participated alongside the IEA Member countries. Me as the representative of ASEAN Centre for Organization was also participated on that event. But the ERE in Thailand was the first such IEA exercise tailored for specific regional organisations beyond the OECD.

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Vacancy: ASEAN-Regional Renewable Energy (RE) Expert

Hi Colleagues!

I am pleased to inform you that there’s a vacancy for Regional Renewable Energy (RE) Expert under ASEAN-Renewable Energy Support Programme (ASEAN-RESP) Project on an “Open-Recruitment System”.

Seeking a highly qualified candidate from ASEAN Nationals to fill up the position. The successful candidate shall provide assistance to ACE/ASEAN-RESP in accordance with the ToR. Its offered one (1) year contract tentatively from June 2011 to May 2012 with a possibility of extension until 31 December 2012.

If you are interested, please send your application letter and other requirements either by post or email to and on or before 05 June 2011.

More info, download Attachment 1. Vacancy Announcement Regional RE Expert and Attachment 2. ToR regional RE expert.

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