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Integration of ASEAN Energy Infrastructure

I wrote an article for OGE Asia, a leading magazine in Oil, Gas and Energy sector from Indonesia, about the integration of ASEAN energy infrastructure towards the ASEAN Economic Community 2015 in its latest edition, Volume 5 : August 15 – September 15.

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Go buy this IDR 95,000 magazine and enjoy a very comprehensive analysis about the Past, Present and Future Oil and Gas Industry in Indonesia as its cover story, and also read mine. :-)

Update 16 September 2011: I posted the complete here. Check it.

Sunday Watching – Energy in 2035

Referred to its World Energy Outlook, IEA presented the video that will give us an answer, where does the energy comes to meet the world need in 2035. Watch it!


Presentation: ASEAN+3 Oil Stockpiling and Energy Security System

I am pleased to share with you my presentation on the Emergency Response Exercise, 2-3 May, 2011, Bangkok, Thailand that was held by International Energy Agency. The Exercise reviewed APEC Economies/ASEAN Members emergency response procedures in case of a serious disruption of oil and gas. It consisted of a training session on the first day and simulation exercises on the second day.

I joined various experts on oil stockpiling from IEA, Japan, America, etc to speak about oil stockpiling as the key issue on energy security. Please read my previous post for more detail.

[slideshare id=8805103&doc=11benisuryadi-110808222358-phpapp02]

This presentation is also available in IEA program website.

Sunday Reading – Energy Economics

An excellent book from Dr. Subhes Bhattacharyya

Get your own copy here or read it online here.

AEMAS Newsletter June 2011

The first edition of AEMAS Newsletter.

I have uploaded this to my issuu account actually, but it didn’t work when I embed the code to this post (WordPress can’t?). So, please go to the issuu link there to view it or you may download it AEMAS Newsletter June 2011 Vol. 1 Issue No. 1.

AEMAS is the world’s first regional certification system for energy managers and energy end-users. Funded by the European Union under the Switch-Asia Programme, it is currently being implemented by the ASEAN Centre for Energy in eight (8) ASEAN Member States, namely: Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. The grant from the European Union for the establishment of AEMAS started last February 2010 and will run until January 2014. The Scheme will be a significant contributor to the ASEAN Plan of Action for Energy Cooperation’s (APAEC 2010-2015) cumulative target of reducing the region’s energy intensity by 8% (based on 2005 level) by the year 2015.

More detail about AEMAS, ASEAN Energy Management Scheme, please go to (not complete yet).

Thanks to Oscar for providing me this newsletter. Good work.