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Concept Note: The Need of Energy Indicators for ASEAN

Next week, 2-6 July 2012, I will fly to Cambodia for the 30th Senior Officials Meetings on Energy (SOME) and its associated meetings.  Responsible for ASEAN Energy Database System, I prepared a Concept Note regarding the development of ASEAN Energy Indicators. Here I share with you the draft note.



Like many other countries around the world, ASEAN Member Countries are also facing the complex and interlinked challenges of reducing energy consumption and associated GHG emissions while also meeting in harmony with the economic growth and the environmental sustainability of the region. Particularly for ASEAN, as described in the 3rd ASEAN Energy Outlook (ACE, IEEJ and National ESSPA Teams, February 2011), under Business-as Usual Scenario, the region’s primary energy consumption will have a faster annual growth rate 4.5% per annum to reach almost three times higher from 511 MTOE in 2007 to 1,414 MTOE in 2030. This is higher than global energy demand increases by 40% between 2009 and 2035 (New Policies Scenario, IEA World Energy Outlook, 2011). Read more

In ASEAN, Hydro is not Renewable Energy?

If you are familiar with ASEAN Plan of Action for Energy Cooperation 2010-2015 (pdf), you will notice that one of ASEAN’s Strategic Goals for Program Area No. 5. Renewable Energy is to achieve a collective target of 15% for regional renewable energy in the total power installed capacity by 2015.

Where are we now? It’s a simple but difficult to answer. Why, because among ten (10) ASEAN Member States, we have ten (10) definitions of RE and classification of hydro as renewable energy or not. Most of discussion is related to the environmental issue. Read more

Photos from HAPUA Meetings, Brunei Darussalam, 4-6 June 2012

Extremely busy for the last couple months. Currently, I am writing two articles, one is about the latest status of ASEAN Power Grid, and the second one is about development of Trans-ASEAN Gas Pipeline. As we are reaching the 2015, energy infrastructure connectivity is one of the goal. I hope I can finish it in the next two weeks.

For now, I am pleased to share with some pictures from HAPUA series meeting (THE 9th MEETING OF ASEAN POWER GRID CONSULTATIVE COMMITTEE (APGCC), 04TH JUNE 2012, THE 15th MEETING OF HAPUA WORKING COMMITTEE, 05TH JUNE 2012, and THE 28TH MEETING OF HAPUA COUNCIL, 06TH JUNE 2012) in the Empire Hotel and Club, Brunei Darussalam last week.