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US-ATM: My View on Sustainability Energy

Just got the news, my article about Sustainable Energy for All: Rural Electrification in South East Asia is appeared on the latest edition of US-Asia Trade Magazine (US-ATM).

In this edition, US-ATM, took FAMs Talk: Exclusive Interviews of Foreign Affairs Ministers as the cover story.

I guess someday I will be there, right? :-D

But for now, I am on Page 42-43.






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ASEAN Electrical Tariff 2012

Finally, I finished the updated version of ASEAN Electrical Tariff 2012. I made the first one in February last year (check here), and received many acknowledged from a lot of people coming from various institution, energy company, government, etc. I also received a lot of revision from many friends, such as  Mr. PHUC Tiet Vinh from Enerteam Viet Nam – who corrected the price for Viet Nam, and Richard Jones. Big thanks for all.

In this update table, I provide you with a comparison data, price as of February 2011 (when I published the first version) and price as of September 2012 (updated version). I also provide additional note and some useful links for you. So that you may check the data by yourself. Of course, I put some color to make it good. :-)

So, here we go the preview for Brunei!  Read more

Press Release: The 30th AMEM and Its Associated Meetings

For the last three days, or even from Saturday, I was very busy on many preparation and arrangement of the 30th AMEM. Before, I was thinking to make some articles and share it here (or even in as I promised to them), but in fact, I can’t finish any article until now. One is because I have no free time (less sleep) and two is because so many things are not clear up yet, so that I can’t share it then.

But, at least, to merit my promise before, I would like to share the article on the Press Release: Read more

30th AMEM: ASEAN Ministers on Energy

So, we will have the 30th ASEAN Ministers on Energy Meeting in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on September 12, 2012. I think I will write some articles and share you some related information, started with the easiest one, List of ASEAN Ministers on Energy.

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