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ASEAN Electricity Tariff 2014

Finally, I finished the new list for electricity pricing in all of ASEAN countries as of May 2014. The first edition was in 2011, and then I updated it in 2012. And more good news, all of these data are actually public domain. You could get it just by googling it. Although some data is difficult to found as there are only available on national language.

But, different with two previous versions, I am no longer making a complete table showing the old number and the update for each main sector; residential, commercial, and industrial. The new list is for the new data only, which is being implied now (May 2014) in each ASEAN countries. So, if you want to see how the price are going up (or down) in any particular country, just get all the lists and do it by yourself.  ;-)

But… I made a complete comparison table for Residential sector (only). Here are some good features: Read more

ASEAN Electrical Tariff 2012

Finally, I finished the updated version of ASEAN Electrical Tariff 2012. I made the first one in February last year (check here), and received many acknowledged from a lot of people coming from various institution, energy company, government, etc. I also received a lot of revision from many friends, such as  Mr. PHUC Tiet Vinh from Enerteam Viet Nam – who corrected the price for Viet Nam, and Richard Jones. Big thanks for all.

In this update table, I provide you with a comparison data, price as of February 2011 (when I published the first version) and price as of September 2012 (updated version). I also provide additional note and some useful links for you. So that you may check the data by yourself. Of course, I put some color to make it good. :-)

So, here we go the preview for Brunei!  Read more

Electricity Tariff in Lao PDR

As the update for the ASEAN Electrical Tariff 2011, please find the Electricity Tariff in Lao on the table below. It’s very interesting to see how the tariff in lower and middle Residential class were rose on average 15% and 3% ever year, respectively while upper class stay the same.

Even better, the electrical tariff for industry is declined.

Source: Electricity Department, Ministry of Energy and Mines of Lao PDR

ASEAN Electrical Tariff 2011

Still talking about Energy Prices, please download the ASEAN Electricity Tariff 2011 for the complete list of electrical tariff in every ASEAN Member Country, in Residential sector, Commercial sector and Industrial Sector.

This data, along with the ASEAN Petroleum Prices 2011, that I posted last week, are part of my study on the ASEAN Energy Prices. Perhaps that I can publish it on the mid of this year.

In the begining of March, I will have a workshop in Chiang Mai, Thailand, discuss about the ASEAN Fuel Policy for Power Generation, joint workshop by ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE) and Ministry of Energy Thailand under Regional Energy Policy and Planning – Sub Sector Network Program. I hope this workshop can also give inputs for my study.

But for now, enjoy the data.

ASEAN Petroleum Prices 2011

I have published my note on energy price in December 2010. The data on petroleum product were extracted from International Fuel Prices 2009 – GTZ.

As now I am working on the paper of ASEAN Energy Prices, I am pleased to share you the data of Petroleum prices in ASEAN that I get from various source. Of course, this is not the most update data as you know that the oil price is going up now due to Egypt unrest.

But it might be useful for your reference.

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