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Emergency Response Exercise for ASEAN/APEC Economies

Short report!

On 2 and 3 May 2011, International Energy Agency in collaboration with Ministry of Energy of Thailand organized the Emergency Response Exercise (ERE) for ASEAN and APEC Economies in Bangkok, Thailand. This is the second activity following the great success of the Emergency Response Training (ERT) for APEC which was held in Paris last September. If ERT was focused on the lecturer, ERE reviewed APEC Economies/ASEAN Members emergency response procedures in case of a serious disruption of oil and gas. It consists of a training session on the first day and simulation exercises on the second day.

The IEA itself conducts emergency response exercises at IEA headquarters, Paris, for IEA Member countries biannually. The purpose of IEA energy emergency response exercises is to simulate real-life energy supply disruptions to test IEA emergency response preparedness to manage supply crises.  At the last IEA ERE in November 2011, key non-IEA countries jointly participated alongside the IEA Member countries. Me as the representative of ASEAN Centre for Organization was also participated on that event. But the ERE in Thailand was the first such IEA exercise tailored for specific regional organisations beyond the OECD.

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EE-ASIA : e-tool for Energy Efficiency

As I promised before, I would like to share you a tool that I learn from the last two workshops on Energy Efficiency organized by ACE-ESCAP in Bangkok on 19-20 and 21-22 April 2011. (See my previous post)

The tool is EE-ASEAN, an e-tool for Asian countries to strengthen their institutional capacity and unlock their energy efficiency potential. This e-tool has been developed by Dr. Brahmanand Mohanty, Consultant of UN-ESCAP.

This e-tool comes along with the EE Guidelines, products of a project by The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), with support from Korea Energy Management Corporation (KEMCO) of the Republic of Korea through the East Asia Climate Partnership, entitled “Strengthening Institutional Capacity to Support Energy Efficiency in Asian Countries”. Both intend to help in more effective dissemination of information, experiences and best practices related to regulation, market transformation, education, capacity building, etc. (Find more about the project here). Read more

ESSPA Modeling Workshop using MICROFIT

2nd Workshop of the Energy Supply Security Planning in ASEAN (ESSPA) Project under the SOME-METI Work Program 2009-2010
(Working Meeting on the Development of 3rd ASEAN Energy Outlook)

Date : 22 – 26 February 2010
Venue : Atlet Century Park Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia
Participants : Cambodia, Lao PDR, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, and Thailand

Experts :
1. Mr. Shigeru Kimura : Senior Research Fellow of The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan (IEEJ)
2. Mr. Edito Barcelona : Senior Researcher of The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan (IEEJ)
3. Ms. Cecillya Malik : ASEAN Expert

Objectives : How to develop a reliable energy outlook modeling for every country in various sectors using MICROFIT.

Organized by ASEAN Centre for Energy and Institute of Energy Economics, Japan, supported by Ministry of Economics, Trade and Industry, Japan.