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Job Vacancy: Technical Officers in the ASEAN Centre for Energy

Quite hectic schedule for the last couple months. My last article is the one in November about Energy Efficiency. I will share some articles in the near future, but for now, I am pleased to inform you that we have two vacancies for Technical Officer in my organization, the ASEAN Centre for Energy. Read more

Fukushima Report : No.4

Just received the Fukushima Report No 4.

It’s been a while since I received the Fukhushima Report No.3 from Japanese WEC Member Committees. And, it has passed six months since a magnitude-9 earthquake and an ensuing tsunami inflicted devastating damage on northeastern Japan on March 11.

The earthquake caused three nuclear reactors that were in operation at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station to be shut down as a safety mechanism through the emergency insertion of control rods, which halted the nuclear chain reaction. The giant tsunami, more than 14 meters high, subsequently struck the nuclear power station, causing the loss of all auxiliary power sources, including emergency backups.

In this 4th report, some key information that you’ll find are:

1. Overview

(1) 6 months since 3.11 : Key points of the accident, Disposal of massive radioactive water, and Roadmap toward stabilizing the accident.

(2) Recent situation of the damaged nuclear power station

(3) Surrounding areas: Worries are growing with progress in monitoring

2. Recent electric power supply and developments related to energy policy

(1) New cabinet and energy debate

(2) Restriction on the usage of electricity and request for electricity conservation

(3) Tough stance of the heads of host communities

(4) Public opinions: Opinion polls, Crossroads in national debate and expectations for the new government.

Thanks to KNI-WEC and Japanese WEC Member Committees for the continuous update. As we know, every one is continuous looking at this.

Link: Report 1, Report 2, Report 3.

Latest Free Publications and Papers from IEA

Logo of International Energy Agency

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From the email that I got from IEA, I am pleased to share with you the links to the latest free IEA publications and papers.

Saving Electricity in a Hurry

Technology Roadmaps – Geothermal Heat and Power
Carbon Capture and Storage – Legal and Regulatory Review
Gas Emergency Policy: Where do IEA Countries Stand?
Technology Roadmaps – Energy-efficient Buildings: Heating and Cooling Equipment
Co-Generation and Renewables: Solutions for a Low-Carbon Energy Future
Technology Roadmaps – Biofuels for Transport
Technology Roadmaps – Smart Grids

Clean Energy Progress Report
Walking the Torque: Proposed Work Plan for Energy-Efficiency Policy Opportunities for Electric Motor-Driven Systems
IEA Response System for Oil Supply Emergencies
Integration of Renewables – Status and Challenges in China
Interactions of Policies for Renewable Energy and Climate
Cost and Performance of Carbon Dioxide Capture from Power Generation
Technology Development Prospects for the Indian Power Sector
Development of Energy Efficiency Indicators in Russia
Energy Transition for Industry: India and the Global Context 

I found the publications from them are very useful. Lot of publications that we can get for free by download it from the internet, or if you have chance, like me, to visit their office in Paris, you may ask the print copy also.

Anyway, some of IEA colleagues are also very kind to give me the not-for-free copy for free. ;-)

Fukushima Report : No.3

Following the two previous reports, here I share you the Fukushima Report : No.3 as I received from Japanese WEC Members. I received it on 30 June 2011 but don’t have any chance to upload it.

Some points that we can resumed from this report, as informed by KNI-WEC, are:

1. Nearly four months have passed since the coastal region of northeastern Japan was struck by a magnitude-9 earthquake and an ensuing tsunami.

2. At Fukushima Nuclear Power Station, steady progress has been made toward cold shutdown despite some obstacles to comply with the schedule of the roadmap announced by Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) on April 17.

3. Meanwhile, the status of radioactive fallout due to hydrogen explosions that occurred on March 12 and 14 has gradually become clear as the investigation and analysis of soil and other samples has proceeded. Accordingly, public concern over the fallout has grown, as the argument that even low doses of radiation may be suffered attracting increasing attention.

4. In addition, as the summer is approaching, there are growing worries over the impact of the shutdown of nuclear power plants on the supply-demand power balance across Japan.

5. Meanwhile, there is an argument from various sectors that the development of renewable energy should be enhanced as a future energy option. Taking heed of such argument, Prime Minister Kan has shown his eagerness to introduce a bill to promote renewable energy, which states further expansion of the feed-in tariff system.

6. This month, our report will focus on the current status of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants, the establishment of Investigation Committee on the Accidents at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station of TEPCO, and the impact of the nuclear disaster on the supply-demand power balance.

You may download Fukushima Report No 3 to gain complete information or read the previous report 1 and 2.

Fukushima Report : No.2

As the follow-up of the previous report, here I share you the Fukushima Report : No.2 as I received from Japanese WEC Members (per 30 May 2011).

Details of Current Situation of Accident at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station and its Impact
1. Circumstances in and around the nuclear power station
* Tough road to secure a stable cooling condition of reactors
*Stagnant water with high levels of radioactivity

2. Circumstances around the nuclear power station
* Evacuees
* Radiation monitoring

3. Prime Minister’s request for shutdown of Chubu Electric Power’s Hamaoka Nuclear Power
Station and resulting shutdown

4. Adoption of a new framework of support for compensation for damage caused by Fukushima
nuclear accident
*Government newly adopted framework of support for compensation
*No ceiling or expiry date set for compensation to be paid by TEPCO

You may download Fukushima Report No. 2 to gain complete information.

I will keep you update, if any.

Vacancy: ASEAN-Regional Renewable Energy (RE) Expert

Hi Colleagues!

I am pleased to inform you that there’s a vacancy for Regional Renewable Energy (RE) Expert under ASEAN-Renewable Energy Support Programme (ASEAN-RESP) Project on an “Open-Recruitment System”.

Seeking a highly qualified candidate from ASEAN Nationals to fill up the position. The successful candidate shall provide assistance to ACE/ASEAN-RESP in accordance with the ToR. Its offered one (1) year contract tentatively from June 2011 to May 2012 with a possibility of extension until 31 December 2012.

If you are interested, please send your application letter and other requirements either by post or email to and on or before 05 June 2011.

More info, download Attachment 1. Vacancy Announcement Regional RE Expert and Attachment 2. ToR regional RE expert.

Read more

Fukushima Report : No.1

I just received the Fukushima Report : No.1 from Japanese WEC Member Committees (Date: 25 April 2011).

As not all of people have an access to this report, I would like to share it with you all.

Five points on the report are:

1. Nuclear Fission Chain Reaction Was Safely Halted But Decay Heat of Fuel Was Not Cooled Down.
2. Hydrogen Explosion Released Radioactive Materials into the Atmosphere around the Power Plant (No Fire Occurred).
3. IAEA Estimates the Total Radiation Dose at 10% of the Radiation from the Chernobyl Accident.
4. Massive Water Pouring to Cool Down Reactors and Leakages of Highly Contaminated Water.
5. Effort to Halt the Release of Additional Radiation into the Environment.

You may download FUKUSHIMA REPORT No_1 to gain complete information.

Japanese WEC Member Committees mentioned that they will sent the update report continuously, so I will keep you update then.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy – EIA AEO 2011

As yesterday I said about Keep Your Eyes ON on Oil Price (keep going up from $91/BBL as per today), today I found a very interesting article from The Oil Drum (TOD) about EIA Annual Energy Outlook.

While every body keep awake on end year holiday, EIA said Don’t worry be happy on 2011. They said we no longer have to worry about energy supply or prices. Cheap energy will characterize the world for most of the next decade, according to the report. Oil will not reach $100 per barrel until 2017 and natural gas will remain below $5 per thousand cubic feet (mcf) until 2022.(1)

Did they say not reach $100? So, around $91 is already the highest point for the next 5-6 years ahead?

Like I said before, keep your eyes on it. Because although EIA Outlook told the different story, Wall Street is getting nervous already. As oil prices continue to creep up and as more evidence accumulates that the age of ever-growing energy production and economic growth is coming to an end, a specter is haunting the great investment banks and brokerage houses of New York.

Don’t worry be happy but keep your eyes On. ;-)