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ASEAN CCS Strategic Considerations

I wrote a chapter about ASEAN’s Long-Term Energy Path on the publication of my office and Global CCS Institute, entitled ASEAN CCS Strategic Considerations, which was published last July.  Read more

Pocket Books: ASEAN Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Activities

By the end of last year, my office published another two pocket books; one is about ASEAN Energy Efficiency and another one is about ASEAN Renewable Energy. Both of these books provide you will a snapshot of associated related activities in ASEAN under the framework of ASEAN Plan of Action for Energy Cooperation (APAEC) 2010-2015.

Go download it both.



Pocket Book: ASEAN RE Development 2006-2011

Quick updated!

The latest publication from the team, being circulated during the 31st ASEAN Ministers on Energy Meeting in Bali this week. This report describes the various renewable energy developments in the ASEAN region from 2006-2011 which has shown significant growth during the period.

Download the pdf here: ASEAN Renewable Energy Development 2006-2011

Cover Buku Saku RE ACE


Book: Development of ASEAN Energy Sector


Development of ASEAN Energy Sector: Power Network Interconnection, Natural Gas Infrastructure, and Promotion of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Beni Suryadi, editor

©2013 ASEAN Centre for Energy
ISBN: 978-979-8978-29-6





Executive Summary:

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ASEAN Energy Outlook

I am pleased to share with you our last project, ASEAN Energy Outlook. This is the 3rd series of the ASEAN Energy Outlook that has been prepared for all policy makers and investors in ASEAN region.

It is a joint cooperation between ACE, IEEJ and National ESSPA teams.

Take a look!

[slideshare id=8554631&doc=the3rdaseanenergyoutlookpptfinalv-3-110710004220-phpapp02]

Download complete version is temporary unavailable. Please check it again next time.

The slides above was updated on July 10, 2011. Thanks to Mr. Edito Barcelona of IEEJ.