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New Chapter Book, New Article and New (Comming) Book

First post in 2013!

So, here are the updates.

1. My book chapter on energy infrastructure in ASEAN is published.

Enhancing ASEAN’s Connectivity
Sanchita Basu Das, editor
Pub Date: 2012
Soft cover ISBN: 978-981-4414-11-1
Publisher: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
No. of pages: 196

Chapter 9. Integration of Energy Infrastructure towards ASEAN’s Connectivity, by Nguyen Manh Hung and Beni Suryadi




2. My article about Hydro in ASEAN is online.

Energy Study Institute (ESI) Singapore: ESI BULLETIN ON ENERGY TRENDS AND DEVELOPMENT (Vol. 5, Issue 3, December 2012), Hydro Energy in Southeast Asia: Issues, Challenges, and Opportunities.

3. My book about Energy in ASEAN.


To be published this February.

I’ll keep you update then. :-)

LEAP: Training Materials (Edisi Terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia)

Cover of LEAP Training Material 2012 Edisi Terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia

Bagi rekan-rekan yang bekerja di bidang permodelan energi, atau bagi mahasiswa yang membutuhkannya, LEAP merupakan suatu software yang cukup bagus untuk digunakan.

Guna memudahkan pemahaman, sekarang tersedia Modul Pelatihan Perencanaan Energi menggunakan LEAP 2011 (edisi September 2011) dalam bahasa Indonesia.

Silahkan unduh programmya di sini, dan modul terjemahan bahasa Indonesianya di sini.

Semoga bermanfaat.



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