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Fukushima Report : No.1

I just received the Fukushima Report : No.1 from Japanese WEC Member Committees (Date: 25 April 2011).

As not all of people have an access to this report, I would like to share it with you all.

Five points on the report are:

1. Nuclear Fission Chain Reaction Was Safely Halted But Decay Heat of Fuel Was Not Cooled Down.
2. Hydrogen Explosion Released Radioactive Materials into the Atmosphere around the Power Plant (No Fire Occurred).
3. IAEA Estimates the Total Radiation Dose at 10% of the Radiation from the Chernobyl Accident.
4. Massive Water Pouring to Cool Down Reactors and Leakages of Highly Contaminated Water.
5. Effort to Halt the Release of Additional Radiation into the Environment.

You may download FUKUSHIMA REPORT No_1 to gain complete information.

Japanese WEC Member Committees mentioned that they will sent the update report continuously, so I will keep you update then.

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