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Emergency Response Exercise for ASEAN/APEC Economies

Short report!

On 2 and 3 May 2011, International Energy Agency in collaboration with Ministry of Energy of Thailand organized the Emergency Response Exercise (ERE) for ASEAN and APEC Economies in Bangkok, Thailand. This is the second activity following the great success of the Emergency Response Training (ERT) for APEC which was held in Paris last September. If ERT was focused on the lecturer, ERE reviewed APEC Economies/ASEAN Members emergency response procedures in case of a serious disruption of oil and gas. It consists of a training session on the first day and simulation exercises on the second day.

The IEA itself conducts emergency response exercises at IEA headquarters, Paris, for IEA Member countries biannually. The purpose of IEA energy emergency response exercises is to simulate real-life energy supply disruptions to test IEA emergency response preparedness to manage supply crises.  At the last IEA ERE in November 2011, key non-IEA countries jointly participated alongside the IEA Member countries. Me as the representative of ASEAN Centre for Organization was also participated on that event. But the ERE in Thailand was the first such IEA exercise tailored for specific regional organisations beyond the OECD.

The structure of IEA-APEC/ASEAN Joint ERE was similar to that of the IEA’s ERE 5 held last November in Paris. The Exercise composed of plenary sessions with a facilitator and small group sessions. SEQ delegates from IEA member countries (America, New Zealand, Japan, and Australia) chaired the groups. Each group consists of 08-12 people. According to the questions related to the supply disruption scenarios, the Chairs led and guided the discussion in the groups, summarized views and answers proposed by group members and report on the results of the discussions during the plenary sessions. CNN-style videos were created after the scripts of scenarios are jointly constructed by a small Working Group for this ERE. Two scenarios where be made to test rapid decision-making process and functioning of emergency response systems in APEC Economies/ASEAN Members, possibilities of regional cooperation on emergency response, media strategy, etc.

In this event, I also joint with the experts from IEA and International Organization becomes the speaker. I presented about the Development of OilStockpiling Roadmap for ASEAN+3 and Data Collection.

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