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Fukushima Report : No.2

As the follow-up of the previous report, here I share you the Fukushima Report : No.2 as I received from Japanese WEC Members (per 30 May 2011).

Details of Current Situation of Accident at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station and its Impact
1. Circumstances in and around the nuclear power station
* Tough road to secure a stable cooling condition of reactors
*Stagnant water with high levels of radioactivity

2. Circumstances around the nuclear power station
* Evacuees
* Radiation monitoring

3. Prime Minister’s request for shutdown of Chubu Electric Power’s Hamaoka Nuclear Power
Station and resulting shutdown

4. Adoption of a new framework of support for compensation for damage caused by Fukushima
nuclear accident
*Government newly adopted framework of support for compensation
*No ceiling or expiry date set for compensation to be paid by TEPCO

You may download Fukushima Report No. 2 to gain complete information.

I will keep you update, if any.

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