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Fukushima Report : No.3

Following the two previous reports, here I share you the Fukushima Report : No.3 as I received from Japanese WEC Members. I received it on 30 June 2011 but don’t have any chance to upload it.

Some points that we can resumed from this report, as informed by KNI-WEC, are:

1. Nearly four months have passed since the coastal region of northeastern Japan was struck by a magnitude-9 earthquake and an ensuing tsunami.

2. At Fukushima Nuclear Power Station, steady progress has been made toward cold shutdown despite some obstacles to comply with the schedule of the roadmap announced by Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) on April 17.

3. Meanwhile, the status of radioactive fallout due to hydrogen explosions that occurred on March 12 and 14 has gradually become clear as the investigation and analysis of soil and other samples has proceeded. Accordingly, public concern over the fallout has grown, as the argument that even low doses of radiation may be suffered attracting increasing attention.

4. In addition, as the summer is approaching, there are growing worries over the impact of the shutdown of nuclear power plants on the supply-demand power balance across Japan.

5. Meanwhile, there is an argument from various sectors that the development of renewable energy should be enhanced as a future energy option. Taking heed of such argument, Prime Minister Kan has shown his eagerness to introduce a bill to promote renewable energy, which states further expansion of the feed-in tariff system.

6. This month, our report will focus on the current status of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants, the establishment of Investigation Committee on the Accidents at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station of TEPCO, and the impact of the nuclear disaster on the supply-demand power balance.

You may download Fukushima Report No 3 to gain complete information or read the previous report 1 and 2.

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