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Fukushima Report : No.4

Just received the Fukushima Report No 4.

It’s been a while since I received the Fukhushima Report No.3 from Japanese WEC Member Committees. And, it has passed six months since a magnitude-9 earthquake and an ensuing tsunami inflicted devastating damage on northeastern Japan on March 11.

The earthquake caused three nuclear reactors that were in operation at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station to be shut down as a safety mechanism through the emergency insertion of control rods, which halted the nuclear chain reaction. The giant tsunami, more than 14 meters high, subsequently struck the nuclear power station, causing the loss of all auxiliary power sources, including emergency backups.

In this 4th report, some key information that you’ll find are:

1. Overview

(1) 6 months since 3.11 : Key points of the accident, Disposal of massive radioactive water, and Roadmap toward stabilizing the accident.

(2) Recent situation of the damaged nuclear power station

(3) Surrounding areas: Worries are growing with progress in monitoring

2. Recent electric power supply and developments related to energy policy

(1) New cabinet and energy debate

(2) Restriction on the usage of electricity and request for electricity conservation

(3) Tough stance of the heads of host communities

(4) Public opinions: Opinion polls, Crossroads in national debate and expectations for the new government.

Thanks to KNI-WEC and Japanese WEC Member Committees for the continuous update. As we know, every one is continuous looking at this.

Link: Report 1, Report 2, Report 3.

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