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LEAP: Training Materials (Edisi Terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia)

Cover of LEAP Training Material 2012 Edisi Terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia

Bagi rekan-rekan yang bekerja di bidang permodelan energi, atau bagi mahasiswa yang membutuhkannya, LEAP merupakan suatu software yang cukup bagus untuk digunakan.

Guna memudahkan pemahaman, sekarang tersedia Modul Pelatihan Perencanaan Energi menggunakan LEAP 2011 (edisi September 2011) dalam bahasa Indonesia.

Silahkan unduh programmya di sini, dan modul terjemahan bahasa Indonesianya di sini.

Semoga bermanfaat.




For you who work on energy planning, I believe that you are quiet familiar with one of many software that can be use to modelling energy planning. For me; MARKAL and LEAP (and on progress with HOMER, the Hybrid Optimization Model for Electric Renewables, developed by NREL).

For the last couple years, I worked a lot with LEAP for the development of the 3rd ASEAN Energy Outlook, the most authoritative publication of energy outlook for the ASEAN.

LEAP is an integrated modeling tool that can be used to track energy consumption, production and resource extraction in all sectors of an economy.  It can be used to account for both energy sector and non-energy sector greenhouse gas (GHG) emission sources and sinks.  In addition to tracking GHGs, LEAP can also be used to analyze emissions of local and regional air pollutants, making it well-suited to studies of the climate co-benefits of local air pollution reduction. (1)

I considered LEAP as the most user friendly planning software as it comes with a simple instruction and easy to understand. Although it’s not as powerful as MARKAL, but you can tweak many options to maximize your modelling.

However, language is always become a barrier for some people, including for many Indonesian who work on energy policy. As they don’t familiar with English, it’s quite difficult to understand the Training Materials that provided on the website. Respond to this situation, and in the mission to spread the use of LEAP for policy planning, I decided to joint with COMMEND team to volunteered translate Training Materials into bahasa Indonesia (download pdf here).

It’s a joint work between Muhammad Ery Wijaya (Graduate School of Energy Science, Kyoto University, Japan), Dr. Eng. Mohammad Kholid Ridwan (Dept. of Engineering Physics, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia) and myself.

You may find the translation version of your own language here,  or perhaps you want to contribute, it would be great.

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