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Information: ASEAN Hydropower Competence Centre (HYCOM)

Back again in Monday morning. I hope you all had a great weekend. :-)

Just received the information this morning and I believe, for you who work or interested with renewable energy esp. hydropower, this is a very valuable information for you.

A Regional Hydropower Competence Centre Bandung, Indonesia

The information is about HYCOM or ASEAN Hydropower Competence Centre (HYCOM), an international training facility promoting mini hydro-power development (<1MW) and dissemination of know-how in the sector. Read more

Hormuz and ASEAN: Are we ready?


My newest article in This time I wrote about effect of Hormuz for countries in Southeast Asia. It’s a top post is Oil topic today.

Nowadays, it seems like everyone stares at the board of oil prices. The rising oil price due to the growing Iran-related tensions on oil, LNG and oil products markets has resulted in strong reasons for every government, especially in a net importing country, to adjust the price in every gas station.

For example in Indonesia, all of the seven refineries owned by Pertamina, National Oil Company, blend their mix of crude from domestic production with imported oil from Persian Gulf states. About 45% of Indonesia’s national fuel demand, or about 75% of fuel demand in Java, is imported from Iran. It’s not difficult to imagine what would happen if the crisis there escalates.

You may read the full article here.

The Energy Collective, April 11, 2012.