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International Fuel Prices 2009 – GTZ

Fuel taxes are an important source of revenue for financing the transport sector. They charge road user the costs of transport infrastructure. While 10 US cents per liter may yield the financial resources necessary to maintain the road system, an additional 3-5 US cents can be a source of finance for urban transport.

Numerous countries earn revenues through fuel taxes, which can be used for reducing public transport fares or providing social services. Fuel taxation can shift the burden of indirect negative effects of transport (such as environmental pollution, noise, congestion costs, etc.) onto transport users.(1)

As I conduct some research on Energy Prices in ASEAN now, I found a very comprehensive publication on fuel prices, published by GTZ on 2009.

I can resume the oil price for gasoline and diesel in ASEAN as of November 2008 as shown in the table below. All prices is in US$ Cent/litre.

You can download the full GTZ report here, or just wait my publication on Energy Prices in ASEAN on January 2011 with the latest and most update data from 10 ASEAN Member States.