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Presentation at the Conference on Energy Efficient Technologies

On Monday, 20 October 2014, I joined ACE’s team to share about Energy Efficiency & Conservation (EE&C) Iniviatives in ASEAN at the Conference on Energy Efficiency and Conservation Technologies in Indonesia (Business Sourcing and Matching Opportunities and Networking Lunch with Business Sector) at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, Jakarta, Indonesia, co-organized by my office and Japanese Business Alliance for Smart Energy Worldwide.

I mostly talked about the Outlook, while the remaining issues were being presented by my colleague. Read more

Presentation at Singapore-China Energy Forum 2014

On 2-3 October 2014, I was pasticipated at Singapore-China Energy Forum 2014: Opportunities and Challenges in China’s Energy Development – Energy and Carbon Markets at Marina Mandarin Hotel, on 2-3 October 2014.

It’s a great honour for me to join this important Conference, standing on the same stage with Professor and Phd; prominent experts from various prominent institutions and universities from China and all over the world.

You may read my presentation at Slideshare here:


[slideshare id=40228959&doc=esiworkshopacebssing3oct2014f-141013215846-conversion-gate01]

I have no idea how to make this link works, embedded the presentation here.



Presentation: Energy Efficiency Action Planning in ASEAN region

As I shared you before, I joined as the speaker and panelist in two session on ASEAN Regional Energy Efficiency Policy Dialogue and Capacity Building Workshop, on 18-20 October 2011 in Jakarta, Indonesia that organized by IPEEC-WEACT subtask and the IEA.

SESSION I: Action Planning for energy efficiency.

Ron Benioff, Manager, International Programmes, NREL shared about the Overview: action planning goals, approaches, and examples (I shared already the information 1-2), Grayson Heffner, Senior Energy Efficiency Advisor, IEA presented Case Study: action planning in the EU, and myself presented Energy efficiency action planning in ASEAN region.

To that, I am pleased to share with you my presentation. I hope you find this information useful.

[slideshare id=9918326&doc=ipeecworkshop18-20oct2011beni-aseanenergyefficiencyactionplanpublishededition-111028020803-phpapp02]

You may find the complete presentations from all speakers at IEA page here or go to IPEEC webpage (but you need to log in for this).

Presentation: ASEAN+3 Oil Stockpiling and Energy Security System

I am pleased to share with you my presentation on the Emergency Response Exercise, 2-3 May, 2011, Bangkok, Thailand that was held by International Energy Agency. The Exercise reviewed APEC Economies/ASEAN Members emergency response procedures in case of a serious disruption of oil and gas. It consisted of a training session on the first day and simulation exercises on the second day.

I joined various experts on oil stockpiling from IEA, Japan, America, etc to speak about oil stockpiling as the key issue on energy security. Please read my previous post for more detail.

[slideshare id=8805103&doc=11benisuryadi-110808222358-phpapp02]

This presentation is also available in IEA program website.